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Property Consultant

Etihad.prpperties one stop solution to all your realty needs. We are not just another property dealing agency - we are well-equipped to provide you end-to-end solutions for your property investments. Whether you are a first-time or a seasoned investor, or an individual home-seeker, we will assist you all the way. Our team of experts will give you personalized service, sit with you, and understand your needs and requirements. You will find them pleasant, patient and armed with god know-how, happy to answer/clarify any doubts that you may have. In fact, they will guide you and help you suggest possible solutions and properties that would suit your taste/ needs and budget. Our team is well-trained to advise what is indeed the best for you. In fact, we shall be proud to maintain your investment portfolio, where our staff will proactively suggest when to buy/sell properties that could be profitable for you. We also conduct real-estate market feasibility surveys and studies that equip our expert team to advise you on valuable perspectives that can help you plan your goals well. Our rich experience and vast exposure across commercial, residential and retails sectors helps us customize bespoke services for you. We will identify potential benefits and openly reveal the possible risks, so that you could make an informed choice on how to wisely invest your hard-earned money. Our consultants will help de-risk your portfolio by balancing high-growth, high-risk projects with those that give not-so profitable but assured returns, and give you a realistic analysis and projected report on how your investments would look in the near and far future. We include genuine and firm-evidence based valuation of your property, so you know where exactly you stand. This can help you predict and plan your cash flow and level your expectations of profitability. Our professionals thus help you bring value to the table in your real-estate transactions. Our aim is to not only to support sell, or help you buy properties, but to give you home valuations and market scenarios specific to your region, cutting through your budget bands and tuned to align with your interested property ranges. Hence, we offer a full range of realty services, property management, valuation, development and consultancy services for both commercial and residential properties.